Rent a Roof Box Thule / Farad

box rental Roof Thule Pacific 600 and Farad to € 35.00 per week


He is approaching the summer and we had an idea to get you started for the weekend out or a vacation without the thought of not being able to take away everything you want. We rent roof boxes Thule Pacific 600 gray or black Farad, both equipped with a key to the lock, ideal for your holidays without worrying about where to buy a box. From € 40.00 per week make sure you hire the roof box. To confirm the reservation you will be required to pay € 40.00 equal to a week's rent as a deposit, which will not be refunded in case of cancellation. At the time of rental you will also ask for a deposit which will be returned at the end of the period. For details please go to the store or call us. Measures boxes: Thule Pacific 600: Cm. 190 x 60 x 40; Farad: Cm. 190 x 85 x 35.