Pure Instinct - Towball

The company offers Peruzzo this new product line '' Pure Instinct ''. This beautiful bike carrier has quick and easy installation. Here are the main features of this fantastic product available in versions 2.3 and 4 bikes (Art. 708 - 708/3 - 708/4) - Equipped with a hook system and highly compact and functional release; - It tilts by the use of a foot pedal to facilitate the rear load; - Folds on itself very little space; - Fully assembled product; - Arms for all bikes; - Complete a lock for locking bikes usable even without bike racks; - Scratch-resistant coating; - Iron pipes treated with paint resistant to atmospheric agents; - It has to be locked in bike racks and car; - Safety belt sewn directly onto the bike rack; - Large wheel tray for all measures of rubber; - Full of number plate holder complete with lights 13-pin approved under the European Directive. * NOTE: Before you proceed with the payment please contact us to request the availability of the object.

369,00 € VAT included